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Achannel Ottawa Baby Show, Bill Welychka, Playtex Mingle Update!!

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This morning the Guthrie kids and Mommy decended on Achannel, it was amazing...amazingly choatic as well. I don't work in TV and did not realize ALL of the work that goes into the production of a show like amorning. Everyone gets there at 4 am and when the show is over they are not finished ...then its on to the next show or research or interview..I have a new found respect for all of our Achannel personalities, staff, crew and security...big job today big success! I could not have done it without you Tanya....

OMG - did you see the prizes (lots of weewelcome partners..thanks everyone)...I think every person that went got something great from a Diaper Genie2 to a chico stroller,Gymboree birthday parties, Ecobabyz starter kits, video cameras spa days, shannon macfarland photo shoot, prize pack, a cool Blooming Bundles diaper cake, Kangaroo bath towel (PTPA), and an Apples n'Oranges giftcard and the swag bags were sweet as well!

OK here is the tshirt part of the story..I LOVE the a morning show, honestly it has been my best friend for all three of my mat leaves...always funny, always interesting and the hosts past and present really put everything into the show, and you can tell....on April Fools day there were several pranks pulled live on I thought I would wear a tshirt that said...Future Mrs. a might remember Bill from his days on Much and Muchretro ( think that is the name) great guy, nice nice so I thought what the hell...everyone thought is was funny...until I got home and saw myself on tv...are you kidding me, what did I do eat an inflated beach ball before I got on the show...and my hair..serious Mom-tail happening....thank god the camera stayed on Beckett most of the time...Sorry Bill, I guess I thought I looked better than I must have thought this crazy chick might eat me if I am not nice to her.....ladies he is single and funny, so if you have any friends he has my stamp of approval!....btw I have been on the wii fit for 40 minutes alrady today and for another couple of hours once the kids are in bed....

Lastly......the Playtex prizes just arrived ...ok not even the prizes, the swag bags...i a not allowed to officially say what is in them but one of the items sells for 12.00 (thats one out of the 4 items in each) really ...but only 25..make that 24 came to my I guess the first 24 are going to be really happy Mamas....sorry have to second chin in bumping up against the keyboard...Beckett and I are going to do some push ups.....

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