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April is Oral Health Month. Who knew?

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In our house, April is a month for planning all kinds of projects – spring cleaning the home, planting the garden, registering for summer activities and organizing a great summer vacation. All those plans are quickly filling up the calendar squares! And while I have that calendar out... this is the best time for us to plan the dental health visits for the whole family. You, too, should give your dentist a call and book appointments for everyone in your family (don’t have a dentist? No problem, just click here)

I recently learned that my oral health can greatly affect my general health. That’s right - poor oral health could translate into complications that impact our overall health. That was a shocker. I never thought about that connection before until we visited an archeological dig while on a trip. The guide said that most of the people of centuries past died “of bad teeth.” What? Then I noticed that our family doctor always asked if we were regularly visiting the dentist... so I asked her why. She said that the health of your teeth and gums not only affect our general health but also can be a warning sign for conditions elsewhere in the body. A dentist can help detect those problems. She said that she considers our dentist to be her partner in maintaining our overall health. Thank goodness! And I’ll never watch the History channel the same way again.

Also, It’s important to keep in mind the impact that poor dental health can have on one’s appearance and confidence. Our teeth play such an important role in our sense of self and in how we present ourselves. I’m always telling my kids to smile big! With your teeth AND your eyes! Talk to your dentist about working together to “Make Your Teeth a Big Deal!”

This spring, we planned the preventative maintenance for our home because we want to save money and inconvenience down the road. We think of preventative maintenance for our dental health the same way. We don’t wait for a problem to arise before seeking professional help. We save time and money by scheduling regular appointments. We don’t want our kids to miss out on spring and summer fun because of tooth problems and we don’t want any of us dealing with pain that could have been prevented. Our dentist is the expert who keeps everyone smiling. So, go ahead...spring into the season by taking care of your family’s dental health well into the future. Call your dentist today, set up those appointments, and smile!

(Although this post has been generously sponsored by The Ontario Dental Association, the opinions and language are my own.)

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