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August Adventures with Netflix

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Our August has been full of adventures -- what about yours?

From journeys to the beach, playing tourist in our own city, and hitting the pavement for a good-old-fashioned roadtrip ... we have been very busy exploring.

But we have also found the opportunity to have adventures in our own house. 

We have a tradition in our family called Family Movie Night. Each week, one member of the family gets to select a movie and we sit, snack in hand, and enjoy the time together. 

We have Netflix, so selecting a movie is not only easy, but inexpensive and fun. My kids are expert Netflix navigators now and they always seek out the gems. Like this one: Tad: The Lost Explorer. My son found it and started watching it one day while I was getting dinner together. I found myself really intrigued by the story ... you know when you aren't really watching because you should be doing something else, but you can't help but watch because you want to know what happens to the love-able lead character who just can't quite live his dream of being a world-class explorer? 

So when it was my turn to pick a movie for movie night, I chose to watch Tad (and finally see how it ends!). But I didn't just want any old movie night - I wanted adventure night! So with the help of my friends at Netflix, and a clever craft idea from a book I found, I put together a little adventure night for my kids: we were going to watch Tad: The Lost Explorer, eat some adventurous food and make ... a treasure map!

First, I grabbed some white paper and brewed tea bags (yes tea) in a little cup. I grabbed some paint brushes and sat my kids at the table. 

I asked them to paint the tea onto the white paper. This creates an old and weathered look. My son had the clever idea that he should crumple up the paper to make it look even more old. If I were to do it again, I might also burn the edges to give it more of an authentic look. 

Then, we let our paper dry while we put together our Adventure Rolls, a recipe provided to us by Netflix and Sweet Potato Chronicles. 

I like these rolls because they are delicious, made of rice paper and whatever goodies you would like to stuff in, and they are truly adventurous because making them encourages my kids to try new healthy foods. And what did we discover? My oldest actually really does like avacado!

With our rolls prepared, and our treasure hunt waiting, we sat down to watch Tad: The Lost Explorer on Netflix.

Our adventure continued after the movie when I had the kids draw a treasure map on their "browned" papers. We played a little game of hide and seek, where they each got to hide a treasure in the house, and we all used the maps to locate the hidden objects. There were lots of giggles! And a few stumped parents.

I think my kids really enjoyed their August Adventure at home. I tucked them into bed with smiles on their face, their eyes a bit heavy from the excitement, and ready to dream up their own treasure hunt adventure, just like Tad.

Have an adventure with Netflix anytime. Here are a few titles my family enjoys:

Dora the Explorer

The Adventures of Tintin

The Hive

Wild Animal Baby Explorers

Here's a great adventure-themed craft idea from Sweet Potato Chronicles.

What adventure will you plan for your family?


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