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Chocolate stories!?!

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Well, tonight we braved the cold again and went to the public library for pj storytime..tonight was something special though.

Following 3 stories about our favorite treat chocolate! Kathy (librarian) brought the kids to the craft tables and brought out chocolate ...(a mix of crushed oreos and cream cheese) and gave the kids each some to make balls out of. Once all the balls were made she brought out containers of melted choco chips for the kids to dip their oreo balls into .. YUM
According to her recipie you were suppose to do all of that and than freeze them BUT being at the library and being kids they all dove for the chocolate right away and ate them! Yum!! I think i may try to search up the recipie and make some for home as the kids loved them! They sure tasted like a good valentine treat!

Morgan is doing great! She is 7 weeks old and cooing and smiling up a storm! I love this age...she is so attentive to watch you talk to her and trys to mimic you as well. She'll sit in her bouncy chair and watch the older 2 play around and she watches you with such a gaze to make you think that you should be giving her your undivided attention LOL if you know what i mean!

Haillie is a trooper....she tries to change the baby, kisses her when she cries and tries to bath her!!! Haillie has recently started to try and dress herself...she can put on her boots and hat but anything else she gets frusterated with first the poor thing and than she growls at us to help her. When she wants help she wants it then..theres no patience in that little body of hers either thats for sure!

Sean is loving the snow and kindergarten. They have days that their class is allowed to play with the crazy carpets on their sledding hill. His friend Jacob has an invisible pet cat apparently and so Sean has decided that he too should have one. Everywhere we go theres a kitty trailling along with us as well..even in the mall! Sean was also invited to a birthday party thats happening on the 21st for Reese a lil girl in his class...its a punk themed party and the best dressed punk recieves a prize sooooo im on a mission to find punk clothes for my 5 yr old! Any suggestions or ideas????

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