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#FiveWeeThings Parents Can to Do to Get the Most Out Of Winter

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 #1 – Be Active

Nothing helps the winter months fly by more than making the most of it and enjoying what the season has to offer. I know it can be a big expense to have all the proper equipment for winter activities, but ask friends and family if they have spares or check out used equipment. Kids grow so quickly that finding lightly used gear is easier than you think. Activities like sledding and hiking are inexpensive and a lot of fun! So get out there and make fun family memories in the snow!

#2 – Escape the Cold

If you can’t bear the thought of endless months of varying shades of white and brown (snow and slush) like last year then plan a getaway somewhere warm and sunny. Planning a family vacation can be stressful, talk to friends and family about where they have stayed and why they enjoyed it. Personal recommendations are the best way to book a holiday.

#3 - Stay Healthy

Fight off nasty germs by keeping your family healthy (link to the November blog post). Sometimes you may need to supplement your diet with a multivitamin as well as other vitamins to ensure that you keep your bones strong, get the vitamin C your body needs, and support brain function and overall good health. Vitafusion and L’il Critters make it simple. They offer a range of tasty gummy vitamins for the entire family to address your needs

#4 - Dress for the Weather

My biggest realization in my efforts to embrace a good Canadian winter is the importance of dressing properly for the cold. My advice: invest in good quality coats, mitts and boots for each family member. Dressing properly for the cold weather helps kids stay warm longer and makes winter activities more fun for everyone.

#5 - Wanna Build A Snowman?

Yes, do it. Get out and get creative. Build Frosty or Olaf as your child will likely call him. Build an upside-down snowman, paint the snow, build a fort, make snow angels or have a good old fashioned snowball fight. When the fun outside is done, head in for a cup of hot chocolate a cookie (or two).

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