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#FiveWeeWays Parents Can Clean Toxin Free

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As a parent, I feel like I am ALWAYS cleaning.  The kitchen, the bathroom, the family room I’m constantly going in circles try to keep up. My four kids and a giant dog are usually the culprits of the mess so I’m tried out a few tricks to make cleaning our house easier and toxin free.

1. Fume Free Clean - I don’t know about you but of all the places in my house I clean, I really loathe cleaning my kids bathroom, for the obvious reasons I’m sure you can imagine. From scrubbing toothpaste off the sink to the my personal favourite the toilet, I totally admit to procrastinating on this one. I also hate being trapped in a fume filled room, it isn’t healthy for me or my kids. I find now that I’m using Seventh Generation’s Disinfecting bathroom cleaner I breathe easier knowing that the streak-free formula deodorizes and effectively controls odours in kids’ bathroom making it safe for us.

2. Easy Tasks for Kids - My kids are all getting to age where they can help out around the house. Bringing their laundry down, making their beds and clearing the table are a part of daily life around here. It takes some nagging I admit, but it is important for school age kids to do their part and contribute to the family by helping out. Two simple tasks everyone in your house can do to help reduce the germs in your home are to a) remove your shoes at the door b) wipe the family pet’s paws on their way into the house. Roughly 70 percent of household dust, pests, pollutants and dirt are tracked indoors on the bottom of shoes.

3. Multi-Surface is the way to go - One of the places I enjoy cleaning the most is my kitchen.  I love to clear the counter tops of all of our clutter and wipe everything down so it sparkles...for at least 10 minutes before the dog or a kid spills something.  It feels good to have the heart of your home clean and safe for your family.  With everyone coming and going I know the kitchen must be a hub for germs so I really like knowing that the Seventh Generation Multi-Surface Disinfecting cleaners are made from botanically pure plant extracts, the brand’s thyme-based products feature CleanWell Inside™, a patented technology that kills 99.99 per cent of household germs* botanically on hard, non-porous surfaces, and requires no rinsing or wiping even on food contact surfaces (*see product label for details).
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Cleaners are Health Canada registered and are effective against Influenza A (common flu) virus as well as salmonella choleraesuis, staphylococcus aureus and escherichia (E) coli bacteria.

4. Natural Bedding - We have a king size bed, mostly to accommodate morning cuddles with our little kids and our St.Bernard who has no idea how big she is. I know how much dirt my kids and dog must bring on to my bed but it’s worth it because I know all of our bedding is already safer by choosing natural fibers like cotton and my favourite bamboo sheets rather than the no iron types which can contain formaldehyde.  We use Seventh Generation laundry detergent because if you think of how many hours you spend in your sheets you don’t want to be cuddling with chemicals like formaldehyde.

5. Shop Smart - Until a few years ago I was clueless to my choices in household cleaners and to be honest I pretty much bought product based on what I grew up with or on scent. I love the smell of citrus, to me that just smells clean. The smell of harsh chemicals that give me a headache was the first thing that made me learn more about the products I was using and to finding out how dangerous some of those chemicals can be. It also lead me to some “green alternatives” which to be honest smelled good but didn’t actually clean well so those weren’t a good choice either.  I have been using Seventh Generation products for several years now and have told many friends about them, in fact one friend was so sure they wouldn’t work she tried the liquid dish detergent pretty much just to prove me wrong. Both her and her husband were shocked that this “green” product worked and worked really well. So read your cleaning products labels and instead of looking for green, look for non-toxin and plant-based products and keep your family’s home toxin free.

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