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#FiveWeeWays Parents Can Stay Organized

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The best way to stay organized as a family is to work as a team. Easier said than done, I know but here are five easy stations you can set up in your home that will make staying organized year round much easier for the whole family.

Tip 1 - Lunch Station 

School age kids are more than capable of making their own lunches; they just need the right tools and direction to do it. Make packing lunches the night before easy for kids with setting up handy lunch baskets so they choose the items for their lunches on their own. We keep a basket of things to make sandwiches out of in the fridge along with another basket of veggies and fruit. In the cupboard we have three baskets, one for bread, bagels and wraps, one for snacks and one for desserts. To ensure they are getting the nutrition they need we also have a selection of quality gummy vitamins they love like L’il Critters vitamins as well as the Omega 3 Gummy Fish are specially formulated with EPA and DHA to help support brain function and overall good health, the GummyVites PLUS Bone Support offer a complete gummy multivitamin plus calcium & extra vitamin D to help with the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth and the Immune C combines vitamin C, zinc, echinacea and vitamin D to support the immune system and overall good health.

Tip 2 - Clothing Station -

Make getting ready simple and fight-free by using a clothing cubby with outfits laid out out for the week, you can even include their activity clothes as well (Art day/gym etc). Determine seven outfits for the week and designate a hanger or in a hanging cubby system. This makes it very simple for kids to get dressed by themselves in the morning and should hopefully help keep their rooms a bit cleaner too...a mom can dare to dream right?! Make sure those clothes come back home, or that at least you can find them in the lost and found by labeling everything with the best labels, Mabel’s Labels. Created by four women, one who’s a mom of six these are fantastic and are worth taking the time to use.

Tip 3 - Good to Go Station -

Get everyone out of the house with a lot less yelling and reminding with a simple yet effective checklist for each member of the family.  Take a vitamin, brush your teeth, brush your hair, pack your lunch, put your shoes on, pack your homework, make sure you have your phone, keys, forms and more. We keep a small tray for phones and keys on a table with our Good to Go Lists as well as our morning vitamins. It has really helped my husband and I remember to take our Vitafusion MultiVites and Calcium gummy vitamins. Two Calcium gummies contain as much calcium as two 175 mL glasses of milk and are available in delicious naturally sourced orange, black cherry and strawberry flavours. Taking my MultiVites is something that I look forward to doing daily, and it makes me feel even better because I know I’m doing something good for my body.

Tip 4 - Activity Station -

Organizing all the gear for kid's after-school activities can feel like an Olympic event for parents on a daily basis. A simple sports station in wire shelving give everything from soccer balls and ballet slippers a home. It means no more looking for a lost cleat or missing hockey sock! Set it up in your mudroom, garage or even a closet for a simple and accessible place for kids to find their stuff and it give them a place to put everything back in too. This simple wire set up is available at Canadian Tire.

Tip 5 - Homework Station -

This go-to station will become the hub for your kids after school and is the perfect place for them to leave their essentials so they can easily find them. Half the battle with homework comes in just getting your kids to sit down and do it. Finding the right pencil, sharpening it, finding their workbooks, can all take kids forever while your frustration grows. Homework can be hard on the parent/child relationship so getting off to the right start is the key. Pick up a tub like this one from Walmart and it makes it easy for kids have everything they need in one space dedicated to their homework.

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