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Give the Gift of Reading

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Ooka Island, Ooka Island, Ooka what I hear every time we arrive at a gymnastics, if you have to wait for your sister for an hour why not go to the island, Ooka Island while you wait. It has become the highlight of my daughter’s day instead of an hour of waiting bored with me.

My four and six year olds have been playing Ooka Island for a few months now and I have to say I thought the novelty would have worn off by now. I was worried that I would have to sit them down to play and make sure that they were progressing. I could not have been more wrong. Honestly, I’m shocked that this app has kept their attention this long and their enthusiasm is only growing.

Growing to the point that they have asked Santa for tablets of their own to play more Ooka Island than they can now, which is only when they can steal my phone or computer. That is the only flaw I’ve found with the app (and it’s not their fault) but it only works on new operating systems so our old iPads that my kids usually use won’t work to play Ooka Island.

Handing over my phone so they can play is our biggest challenge. I have to laugh that I’m not having to sit them down to play but I am having to fight them to get my phone back! The fun of Ooka Island has given my six year old such confidence in her reading that she is constantly picking up old school books to read. She LOVES to read out loud to pretty much anyone that will listen...even if that means she’s reading to her dog Delilah, who turns out to be a very good listener. 

If you have kids to buy for on your holiday list this year that are learning to read, why not give them the gift of Ooka Island and make screen time, reading time. For four days only Ooka Island is 20% off! 

Here’s what my four year old Scarlett has to say about Ooka Island.

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