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Hello? Who's Calling Please?

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Thank you for calling the Buckworth house. We're sorry we can't take your call right now but my children have not yet learned how to put a portable phone back in its cradle. Likely they are paying me back for leaving them in their cribs too long when they were babies. It's cheaper than therapy so I go with it.

This phone is likely ringing under a couch cushion, pile of dirty clothes, or even a child's bottom.

If you're calling about an overdue video, library book or Rug Doctor, yes we know.

If you're calling about a doctor's appointment, dentist appointment or orthodontist appointment, thanks for the reminder of when we can expect to waste 2 hours in your office. We're on it.

If you're calling about a school, hockey team or karate club fundraiser...really, you've already sucked out my entire social life, you want my money too?

If you're calling from the school about a child, well we know that's never good news, so maybe you could just keep it to yourself.

If you're calling to see if you can drop your kids off at my house for the afternoon, let me think about that. Okay, how about No.

If you're calling for any other reason, leave a message, which my seven year-old will listen to, delete, forget, and put his active brain back into the game of "what can we flush?"

If you really want to get a hold of me, send me an email.

I'm at a hockey arena, karate class, school function, video store, library, doctor, dentist, or orthodontist.

I'm actively using my BlackBerry and frankly I could use the distraction to get out of agreeing to talking to a neighbour who just wants me to take her kids for the afternoon.

Have a nice day.

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