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Interview to Go - Meet The Wilsons

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There is a cool show on CMT called Meet The Wilsons. Kortney and Dave Wilson are two Canadians pursuing dreams of music in Nashville, while raising three kids, flipping houses and selling real estate! You are going to love what Kortney had to say about motherhood, dreams and balance. So inspiring!

Tell us about the show - what is it like to be a part of a reality show and how have you adjusted or not adjusted?

You forget about the cameras! With kiids you are always multi-tasking anyway. Kids also make everything real: without kids you can put on a show, but not when kids are in the room!

Years ago when I was pregnant with Jett, and part of a record label, a lot of people thought "Oh, she is having a baby so she is done." I felt that was a terrible message to send out to my children.

Oprah years ago had this doctor on who was a mom. The show was about time management. The main message was in giving up who you are, what are you teaching your kids? I don't have to feel guilty for this.

We really wanted to find a way to pursue both parenthood and our music careers. One of the avenues to do that was through tv. Music wasn't going to be enough. So we started pitching the show. The production company that we are with liked it and saw the potential. But it was four years, and one more child later, when we re-pitched it and they picked it up. We were also then in the process of adoption - that was one of our dreams. Your dreams evolve, when one doesn't work we don't look at it as a failure.

We are hoping to be positive examples, you can have fun and not neglect your kids and still pursue your own dreams. Sure it is harder, but it is possible. These are the choices that we are making. The show is a great avenue for the kids and us to be together and travel and do fun things. It won't last forever and we are enjoying it while it lasts.

The home videos are also really good! It is amazing to look back and see the shows and we will be proud to show our kids when they are old enough to see. It has all been very positive for us.


How do you strike that work/family balance?

Lots and lots of lists. I am a very list-oriented person and super organized. All the toys are put away and everything is in place for no other reason than it keeps my mind clear. There are lists every night and every morning to help us get through the day and we find that we are much more productive.

My husband resisted for a while but after a couple of years he started to make his own lists.

We try and wake up 30 minutes before our kids - that is our other trick. We can do things like make a list, have 5 minutes to sit together and talk about the day and what we want to accomplish.

Our other trick: we get the kids to bed every night at 7:15 and that gives us time in the evenings to work on our own stuff. It gives us a couple of hours to blog, rehearse... We are exhausted and there are nights that aren't fun but there are more nights when it is. If you are still enjoying it it is worth it.

Dave and I have a strong relationship because of it. We spend a lot of time together and through music and writing we have learned a lot about each other. We are constantly re-evaluating our marriage. We deal with things right away. There is not time for big blow outs! I don't know if that is healthy or not...! 


What lessons do you think viewers can draw from your experiences?

I hope there are a whole bunch. It is not too late to make yourself a priority. Someone once wrote in an article about us - they hadn't met us or done an interview - that this family believes they can have it all, which makes me worry about the kids.

I think it is a horrible message to parents that they should neglect their own dreams. It is okay! When it gets to the point when you don't care about anything else then it's a problem. But when I am happy, I am better with them. I know there is time for me later. That is the main thing - don't let the guilt overwhelm you.

Life is really short and we really try to acknowledge that. Fun is a must in our house. Any family time that we can get in we do. Take those little moments  - they are what fill our heart and soul and make us smile.

Finding a balance.   


What do you hope your kids learn from this process?

I hope they learn that life is about experiences. This is one experience in their life and they very well may not know it is happening. Take the opportunity to enjoy what comes their way and don't be afraid of it; it passes you by really fast. We have tried not to sacrifice one dream for another. Its okay not to give up our dreams of music if we aren't giving up other dreams as well. I hope they dream big and pursue lots of things.


Tips for moms and dads - how do you have a baby and a life?

Lots of coffee.


For more information on Kortney, Dave and Meet The Wilsons visit


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