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I've Got A Tweet Tooth - The Twitter Experiment Continues

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I have a small confession to make.
My name is Maureen, and I have a problem. I'm addicted to Twitter. It's been 1 hour since my last tweet (The site is down for maintenance), and I don't think I can shake this habit.
I know that I once blogged about not "gettin" it and that I was going to close my account. I thought I would get bored of it. Why would I be interested in what perfect strangers are doing? But I am, apparently.
It's fun interacting with people that share your interests whether you know them or not. When I am watching American Idol (PVR'd, of course, after the kids go to bed), I enjoy seeing what other people are saying about the performances and about the attire of Paula Abdul (Anyone see her perform the other night? Scary stuff!).
I follow some very funny, strong and delightful women who make me smile every day. Most of them are mom's so it's just one more way to feel normal about your every day life. When one of them Tweets about her kids driving her crazy, I think "Hey, I've been there". I follow moms, dads, writers, sports fans, comedians, a few celebrities (If I think they are funny), and I follow a few of my friends. Most of them say something worth reading every day.
I guess I was wrong about our relationship Twitter. This could get serious!

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