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Leaving Work at Work

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There has been a lot going on at work lately with deadlines drawing near and the stress level has been through the roof! Throw in a couple of incompetent people, we have all worked with them at one point or another, and I am frustrated beyond belief by the end of the day.
The hardest part isn't dealing with the deadlines or the people, it's making sure my frustration with work issues doesn't follow me home. Generally the kids are safe. I put on a good face until they are in bed, but sometimes Tom isn't so lucky.
I try to give fair warning that I am not in the best of moods, and I discuss my work issues with him because I value his opinion, but I know that sometimes I snap at him when he doesn't deserve it.
I do have an hour to drive home and try to cool off, but sometimes that hour is spent thinking about the stresses and stressing me out further. I can't wait for this project to be finished so I can move onto the next one. Hopefully it has less
issues that go with it.... probably not!

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