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Healthy Habits

Lose 10 Pounds in 6 weeks

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If you don’t want to get the “you said that last year” eye roll from your friends or spouse, you have to change it up. Stop making resolutions that are too broad and that fizzle by February.

If you really want to change your life, make rules.   Make the goal clear. Write it down in big letters and post it in your office, on your fridge and in your car:   Lose 10 pounds in 6  weeks.  

Now make 3 rules for yourself to help you get there. I can’t make the rules for you, they have to pertain to your life, your habits, your issues. Rules look like this:

Rule 1 I will not eat in a restaurant for the duration

Rule 2 I will not drink alcohol during the week and will only have 2 glasses on Friday and Saturday

Rule 3 I will have a broth soup before lunch and dinner (studies show that this will decrease the total calorie intake by 200 for that meal, better than a salad)

Rule 4 I will have one “fruits and veggies only” day per week ( I can have one yogurt and one beans serving for protein)

Rule 5 I will write down everything I eat

Rule 6 I will exercise for 45 minutes 3 times per week, no matter what!    

And to support these rules, find a way to visually mark them and reward yourself…

Rule 1 When I feel like going to a restaurant, I will go to the bank machine instead and withdraw the cash I am saving. I will put it in a jar so I can see it add up.

Rule 2 I will do the same for the wine I did not drink

Rule 3 Start each week with 14 paper cups next to the stove, drink the broth from a paper cup, then toss it to see the stack diminish

Rule 4 Buy the best! If you love pineapple, dig in! Berries in winter? Why not?!

Rule 5 Make it public, share!

Rule 6 Treat yourself to a non-fat latte on the way home. You can’t have one any other time, unless you go to the gym. (oops, that sounds like another rule…sneaky, hey?)  

Before you know it you are playing a little game with yourself that propels you forward. THAT is how you get unstuck, little ideas with big rewards. Giddyup!

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By Theresa Albert, DHN, RNCP

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