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mo on the go: comfy cozy are wee

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I hate winter, yes I am a bad Canadian.  I cringe when I see the white stuff fly, I dread getting my kids dressed in snow suits and yet I do love it when they are all comfy cozy and warm and enjoying the snow.  It is possible to have a baby and a life, even in the winter! Thankfully in Toronto we've only had a tiny bit of snow, my kids would disagree they are desperate to build a snowman, make snow angels and chuck snowballs at each other until someone cries.

Keeping your baby warm in the winter can be a challenge, they tend to be like me and hate to be bundled up in so many layers.  There are some great products to keep your baby warm and comfy cozy this winter.  Think outside the snowsuit, there are amazing bunting bags that keep your baby warm and cozy but comfortable too.  Ones like the 7am Enfant Sac Igloo are amazing for your stroller or car seat. 

If you are strolling this winter be sure your stroller has some big wheels.  As much as I love umbrella strollers, sunshine and dry sidewalks are really more their style.  Winter means the more snow the bigger the tires...or break out the sled!  When it's slushy and messy the new Britax Chaperone is perfect!  The wheels are big enough that we can easily make it through the snow and it has an extra wide seat so even with baby bundled in a snowsuit and or bunting bag they are still comfy and cozy. 

When it is really bad out there, we break out the bike trailer stroller, with it's huge wheels it laughs in the face of old man winter and we can pile our four year old in there too when she is done walking, which is usually by the end of the driveway.

If the snow gets to be too much, it is still important to get out with your wee ones and using your favourite carrier makes trekking out into the winter wonderland much easier and is a great workout for you!  One great tip for those that like to use a wrap like Cuddly Wrap or a Mei Tai, wrap it to put it on yourself BEFORE you go out and put your coat on over top.  This way you won't be fighting with and dragging the ends of the fabric in the slush and snow. 

Putting your coat on OVER your carrier will keep you from melting when you go indoors, because of course your wee one will fall asleep enjoying the fresh air and scenery of the winter wonderland.  Even better is instead of a snowsuit on your baby in the carrier try the Chimparoo’s Polaroo 3-in-1 Carrier cover. (see photo, it's not me but that lady looks happy) Just cover your baby in the carrier, put it over them in the car seat or in the stroller, completely warm and snowsuit free!

The perfect coat for those looking to do a lot of winter wonderland walking is the MCoat, it has a panel insert that you zip right in so your coat goes right over the baby, carrier and all.  Keeping everyone comfy and cozy. 

If your baby isn't here yet and you are sporting a belly that would put Santa to shame then the MCoat is great for you too.  Just flip the panel around and there is lots of space for you to keep your belly warm without wearing your hubby's coat. 

So I will stop my winter whinning and get the gang all dressed in their winter gear and enjoy having a baby and a life in Canada's winter wonderland.

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