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My big boy!

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I'm not a big blogger , but I've found in the past that sometimes it's worth writing down things to help put things in prospective..

My son will be Three in August, ( I can't really beleave it my self ) and we have been doing the potty training for a while. He is really good when we are at home and he is just in a shirt, socks and underwear. He'll always go to the potty if he has to poo, but not always pee. We try and remind him to go and sometimes it's a fight . I guess I'm just not sure what to do next. HOW do I get him to pee always on the potty or just going on the toilet? He will NOT sit on the toilet to poo or stand on a stool to pee. I feel like we are just stuck in this place of he is somewhat potty trained and we really need him to be fully potty trained by September so he can go to Pre School. If anyone has any advice to help me that would be great. .

Thanks for all your help :)

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