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My little smarty-pants, Ever, reading to me at 21 months old!

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I am so happy and proud of my baby girl, who just turned 2 this week! She is so smart and fun and funny, and so friendly and outgoing and confident. I feel blessed to be her mother, and to have this opportunity to raise such a sweet and bright little person.

She has had an amazing season of accomplishments, potty-training herself at 20 months, learning her entire alphabet by sight (both upper and lowercase!) at 19 months, and spontaneously beginning to read many sight words all on her own at around 21 months! I wish I could take some credit for these accomplishments, but they are all hers, and were all instigated by Ever, herself.

She has done a couple of things in the past month which shocked and delighted me. One took place when we were going through a free box of kids' things that a family in our neighborhood had put out on the curb for giveaway. I was looking through the toys and books, and found a tiny board book, only 2 inches square. It had a picture of a fish on the front, and one word only. I handed it to her, and she read the word out loud to me, "Opposites!"

I was flabbergasted, since most of her other sight words have been short ones, like "book," and "moon." I do understand how it happened that she knew that long word, however, because she has another board book at home, called "Scruffy Teddy's Book of Opposites," which she has read a zillion times, and knows by heart. What an awesome little reader she is turning out to be!

Another funny thing about Ever is that even though we have no T.V. at home, she has been exposed to the old anime series, "Dragonball," by her teenage brother. She loves the show, and knows all the characters, following the plot very closely.

Last week, she started talking about a villain in the series, called Mercenary Tao. Needless to say, I was surprised to hear such a word as mercenary coming out of my baby's mouth! I asked her if she knew what a mercenary was, and she said, "He's bad! He killed Upa's daddy!" I then explained to her that a mercenary is someone who kills other people for money. A very bad person, indeed!

Now she has started telling random people on the bus that "mercenaries get paid to kill people!" Folks tend to have mixed reactions to that! Either they want to know how old she is, or how in the world she knows what a mercenary is! I don't even know what to say to these strangers whom we invariably leave open-mouthed, shaking their heads. The explanation is too long and drawn-out, and just too odd for public consumption. Oh, well! That's my girl!

Check out this video of Ever which was taken when she was exactly 21 months old:

On the video, she does a little sight reading, and names a ton of exotic animals! There's never a dull moment with this little turkey, and I never know what she's gonna do next...

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