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new definition of mom time?

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So I've been by myself now enjoying peace and quiet for the last 2 hours. Great right wooo hooo mom time...did I mention it's 1:45am????? Yeah so I've been up working like many moms who work at home do...really ask Maureen! haha

I've finally made my Wee Welcome and Salsa Babies brochure that I've been working on for a week or more. I actually didn't even log into facebook either...ok maybe once, only for a moment.

I have to tell you I am NOT a morning person but I guess an after midnight morning person. I really think somehow my brain works better after midnight, or it just goes on autopilot and creates stuff. Also you KNOW the phone isn't going to ring, or nobody's is going to "stop in" and NOBODY is on facebook...really you shouldn't be.

So maybe I'll go to bed now, for my son to be up in a very brief 5 hours...uggghhhh.

Moms, with the option of working at home, is this now what mom time is? The only quiet you can get is after midnight. I'm not really complaining as it's pretty nice but very ironic too.

Well have a great night :)

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