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New Years Resolutions? are they for me??

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Happy New Years first off as i don't think i have wished all my wee friends yet!!! and next of all i will proceed with my visions of new years resolutions....

First off as a new mommy of three....this year getting home from the hospital shortly before Christmas day, i personally didn't have time to really think of a resolution but nor did i really think i needed to make one. Everyone says they will lose x many pounds in the year , stop eating or drinking a sugary substance but these are material in a sense. Any time i can remember actually making a resolution they were all family oriented, even when i was a child...

We make personal goals all year, and they change! Saying you will lose so much weight in a certain time period could prove to be impossible....and you may find yourself expanding the time gauge or minimizing the weight loss amount. Aiming directly at something you can do for others such as " I will spend more time with my grandmother this year" is an awesome are accomplishing something for yourself (possibly just learning lots of embarrassing stories about your parents ) and giving someone else that of a lasting friendship! Since i became a mommy myself my long term goals (not necessarily n the year ) were to build a better relationship with my own mother...and within the last 5 years its still growing stronger! You learn much from your own parents and despite claiming that you will never be like your mom .... its destined....somewhere along your parenting adventure you will do, say or act like your mom once did LOL!!

With all of that said, this year I have decided that within the next while I have an assortment of short and long term "goals" to accomplish. First of all...potty training Haillie!!, finding myself a part-time job close to home and something i will enjoy doing to help with our financial situation (trust me its horrible LOL) I personally dont like living paycheck to paycheck but unfortunately we find ourselves in that position. Next is finding a way to start a savings account for emergencies or a family vacation etc. , I also want to be able to set out a routine for the day...i think it will help me with the 2 girls while Sean is at school for the day if we have a sort of routine started out and right now we just play by ear...nap time for Haillie is whenever Haillie starts to get tired...Morgan eats randomly when she decides she wants a bottle..*quite often that leads to her having an ounce or two here and there ...not fun trust me ! LOL especially when you have other children to run after.

Wow...i guess once i started thinking of things that i want to do there are a lot. And while i know I will think of more eventually as the year progresses i know that the ones I have chosen will stick probably longer than the year is ongoing and things change. How can our goals be steady and not encounter bumps and blocks?? There is no way around it, they will...some things will take longer than expected but hey! Life is an adventure and I'm gonna ride it!

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