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Yesterday, the whole family was out in the driveway playing basketball in just our spring jackets. what happened?
I am holding myself partially responsible because last week someone said the Farmers Almanac predicted lots of snow for April, and I responded with "The Farmers Almanac is never right." Silly doubter, I am.
This morning, when I walked downstairs to make breakfast, it took everything in me not to turn around and go right back to bed. Not solely because I hate the white stuff either. The thought of clearing all that slushy snow off my truck and the extra half hour it would add to my already long commute was enough to make me grumpy. Not to mention, trying to convince kids that they required snow pants, once more, was not going to be fun.
If looks could kill, Ethan would have set me ablaze this morning while putting on his snow pants and boots. It's all about appearances, after all, and it's hard to look cool when your scarf gets in the way.

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