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Potty Time: Training with Candy and Elmo

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My daughter is two years old now and with our third baby on the way I have decided it is time to begin potty training.

I have heard that it is best to start training once your child shows interest; does her fascination with her diaper - taking it off, putting it on, peeing on the floor - count? Does her squeal when she sees the (way-too-expensive) Cinderalla potty at the store count? Does the candy and my promise that she can have one if she goes .... count?!

The truth is I am not sure she is ready, I am not sure I am ready, but I am resistant to the idea that soon I will have two children in diapers. That's two times the cost, two times the waste .... two times the poop! So I figure it is time to gather the pull-ups, the Dora underwear, the candy and the enthusiasm and see what we can accomplish.

We have been talking to her about the potty for a while. Perhaps by fluke, she did go pee in it once when she was 18 months old. To start, my husband downloaded a Potty Time with Elmo app to his ipad. She loves Elmo and this is an interesting app - in addition to an interactive story, there are puzzles and songs and you can even keep track on a potty chart. But will it work?

Why am I dreading this process?! My oldest took a long and difficult time to "get it". Maybe we started too early (we did so at the request of daycare) or maybe he is a different temperment but memories of that long period of soiled underwear and head-banging (mine) still linger ...

Any tips on making potty time a success for my daughter? I am going to try going straight to underwear and rewarding her with candy when she does go. Each child responds differently to reward. My son didn't respond to candy but more to our enthusiasm. Perhaps a dose of each?! Well, here we go.

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