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Reach for the Stars - Netflix #StreamTeam

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As a parent, and I am sure YOU can relate, I have moments when I look at my three wee ones and I think OMG they are little people. They have personalities and interests, wants and preferences. I may have created them, but they belong to the world and not to me and they are blazing their own trails. One day they will hold a job, make money, maybe buy a house and a dog! I know it's common sense or normal life, but sometimes in those moments you just catch yourself thinking ... WOW. All of this because of me and my husband.

My oldest son loves soccer and science. He told me one day he wants to make medicine as his job. My heart swelled about three sizes.

My middle child, my daughter, loves to make crafts and to paint. She has an impressive eye for colour (it actually blows me away). She tells me she wants to be a singer when she grows up.

My last born, though just 2, already makes me believe that he will enjoy tasks that involve physical movement. He does love stories too and that's pretty much the only time you find him being still.

One of the best things about my father is he always believed in me and pretty much everyday of my childhood he told me "you can do anything you want to do." Still, he tells me, "you can be anything that you want to be." I hope he is proud that I chose to become a writer ... that that was my anything.

Reach for the stars in the message with our Netflix picks and crafts this post. I hope I can make my kids believe, like I did growing up, that they really can be anything they want. Hopefully this craft and these shows will inspire them.

Reach for the Stars Banner by "Meet the Dubiens"

What's streaming at our house right now...

Sid the Science Kid


Fireman Sam: To the Rescue

Bob the Builder: Building from Scratch

Photo Credit: Reach for the Stars craft by "Meet the Dubiens"

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