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Rev Up Your Engines This Father’s Day with Top Rides for Dads

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Okay so maybe you can't afford to buy the favourite dad in your life a car for Father's Day! But wouldn't that make the ultimate gift! For all the dreamers, including the kids who love cars and Dad - here is a list from of the top 15 most ‘fun-to-drive’ vehicles for dad.

Who’s your daddy?

New Father:

Volkswagen GTI
– Available in either in 3 or 5 door versions, the original hot hatchback still provides smiles by the mile. Powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine both body styles will accept a rearward facing child-seat and provide enough space in the hatchback for the hundreds of necessary items required when traveling with an infant. Available on autoTRADER: 326 Average price: $18,812

Jeep Wrangler – As the only truck on this list, the Jeep Wrangler provides a completely different kind of fun. Want to off-road with the whole family and their belongings? No problem! Like the GTI, the Wrangler is available in both 3 and 5 door versions. The Wrangler also features an extended body style that provides even more cargo space. Available on autoTRADER: 1,840 Average price: $18,220

Father with School-Aged Children:

Audi TT – Although it may be small, the Audi TT actually has four usable seats. Available in front or all-wheel drive, early versions of this stylish coupe can be found on in the low teens. As with any vehicle on this list, practice due diligence when checking out a used TT to ensure it is still in good shape. Available on autoTRADER: 229 Average Price: $26,279

Infiniti G35 Coupe – Similar to the Audi TT, but larger in size, the Infiniti G35 Coupe is a stylish, sporty way to drive around town while still having space for young children. It is worth the price of admission alone just to hear the sweet sounds of the VQ V6 engine as you rev it up. Available on autoTRADER: 1,271 Average Price: $15,548

Father with Teenagers:

Ford Mustang – Now that the kids are older, a vehicle with a little more rear-seat space as well as enough trunk space to carry various sports equipment or music instrument is required. The Mustang has you covered with both! Plus, the kids won’t be embarrassed to be seen driving in it. Available on autoTRADER: 2300 Average Price: $19,896

Mercedes CLK-Class – Like the Audi TT, if searched hard enough, a good example of this two-door coupe can be found for $15,000. Unlike the TT, the rear-seats will better accommodate regular sized people. Unfortunately, at this price you probably won’t be getting the ultra-cool AMG models. Available on autoTRADER: 309 Average Price: $21,664

Mini Cooper – Deceiving by its small shape, the Mini can take four people on short trips without issue. Known as a go-kart for the street, the Mini is box shaped which aides in people and gear storage. The Clubman edition has enough cargo space to carry luggage and three passengers at the same time. Available on autoTRADER: 939 Average Price: $16,194

Empty Nester:

Alfa Romeo Spider /Toyota MR2 – Now that the kids have left home; it is time for a two-seat summer car! A 1980’s vintage Alfa Romeo Spider or Toyota MR2 are perfect for the at-home mechanic. Both are very unique and ooze a coolness most other cars cannot touch. Available on autoTRADER: 38 Average Price: $10,189 / Available on autoTRADER: 49 Average Price: $11,503

Chevrolet Corvette / Nissan 350Z – Looking for a pure sports car? Thorough research is sure to uncover a Nissan 350Z or Chevrolet Corvette in good condition for under $15,000. These cars are at home during a long country drive or attacking a racetrack at a local lapping event. Available on autoTRADER: 1,063 Average Price: $37,476 / Available on autoTRADER: 284 Average Price: $21,054

BMW Z3 / Chrysler Crossfire – Achieve the elegance of Alfa Romeo Spider with a little more modern reliability. The BMW Z3 and Chrysler Crossfire will fit the bill. These are two models that again require proper research before buying, but if the right vehicle is found, the fun will be exponential. Available on autoTRADER: 78 Average Price: $13,249 / Available on autoTRADER: 109 Average Price: $16,624

Mazda MX-5 Miata/Pontiac Solstice – A roadster is small in size but big on fun. They might not be the the fastest cars on the road, the amount of fun you will have behind the wheel with the top down on a warm summer day is hard to match in anything costing close to $15,000. Available on autoTRADER: 411 Average Price: $15,661 / Available on autoTRADER: 179 Average Price: $17,643


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