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SEX ----oh yeah..three times in a row!

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Sex....I mean of course the gender of my three little ones...the other I would know nothing about, especially since I just gave birth 2 months ago...When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter I told my husband that I would be finding out the sex of the baby...he did not want to we needed a non gender specific code word to use when talking about our little one....Chicken..yes I do know that by calling out unborn child a chicken I was the big fat brown hen....regardless..Chicken worked for into the ultrasound we went, the tech (BTW...the ultrasound techs who work out of the riverside campus are the nicest people on the planet..even the office staff who must see a hundred women and fetuses a day enjoy chit chatting and staring at the fuzzy mass that has taken up residence in your womb) who knew the plan going in....she wrote down the gender on a little slip of paper and as I rushed to empty my bladder.... I saw the word girl...Chicken 1 was a girl, a big sister to our future other chickens. As it turns out Chicken 2 was a girl as well but this time we had to be a little more husband still did not want to know the sex so the teck mouthed the words girl to me while my husband was watching the screen and then proceeded to tell both my husband and I that the baby's legs were crossed and it was impossible to tell..wink wink nudge nudge....and of course Chicken this time the techs new as soon as we walked in that my husband did not want to know the sex and I did ( did I mention that ottawa is really an overgrown small town where everyone knows everyone else...) So this time the tech told my husband to cover his eyes while she gave me the sign...a funny finger wiggle I had never seen first I thought she was having a finger spasm ...but no the truth was we were having a boy our first boy....I almost gave it away when tears started streaming down my face, but hubby later said he thought it was because we were having another girl....the look on my husbands face each time I delivered our three chickens was a kid at Christmas...Our Chickens are now 5, 3 and 2 months...and Chicken 4 is just a glint in our eye....I guess that means the other sex..not gender might be in our near future.....

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