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A Spring in My Step

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The long awaited spring of 2009 has made it's appearance... finally! Did that seem like an exceptionally long winter to anyone else?
It is amazing the difference in my mood since the sun has started shining. Everything just seems so much happier. I love when the spring rain clears away the dust of winter and everything seems clean and alive again.
The flowers in my garden have started to come up, although I wonder how long they will last since a family of rabbits have taken up residence under the kids climber, but they are there none the less. All the trees are starting to bud with the exception of that darned Magnolia tree we bought last year that promptly died. Good thing it has a 2-year warranty.
The kids are happier, and I would be if I were them too, no more putting on 5 layers of clothes just to go out the front door. They are still pushing the boundries of course, Ethan asked to wear a tank top and shorts yesterday, but thankfully, my new spring-induced good mood kept me from hurling something at him!
The bikes have been out for many a ride much to the kids delight, and we have a nice new basketball net in the driveway for them to play with. Already the cause of many injuries, it appears that it will be a favourite this summer. Hear that? I said summer! That's right, summer is on it's way!
I gotta tell you, if it snows again, there will be a blog post of a much different nature!

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