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Teaching Your Kids to Read: Made Easy

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Line up, line down, line across and there you have the letter A.  I must have said this a million times with each of my kids learning to write the alphabet.  It takes a lot of patience but the bright smile on your child's face when they master is for themselves is worth it.
Every child learns at their own pace which can be hard for parents without any formal training in educating wee ones, like myself. My first born quickly caught on to letters and numbers, sight words came without a challenge and he was on to novels before I knew it. For my second child things didn't "click" for her as quickly, even though we had been doing the same types of exercises as with our first.  Frustration began to set in on both sides, she was upset that she couldn't master reading like the other kids in her class and I was worried I didn't have the right tools to help her.
I reached out to a private tutoring service and they worked with her and found the right way to get the information to "click". It was a trying time but that same kid always has her nose in a book now.
With two more kids, now both just learning to read and with less time than I did with the first two, the pressure is on. When my third daughter was four, she declared one night at dinner, "I would like to learn to read tonight", as if it was like doing a puzzle and could easily be accomplished in a hour or so before bedtime. She was sorely disappointed to find out it would take a lot more then one night to accomplish the task of learning to read but she was determined.
Alia is now six and has a good grasp of her letters, numbers and quite a few sight words. My youngest, Scarlett, who is almost four, being the youngest of four doesn't want to be left behind and likes to "do homework" with the rest of the gang.  Practicing her line up, line down, line across, A's and such.
We've tried lots of educational online games over the years and all of my kids have enjoyed them but I never really saw their progress and they never kept their interest for very long.
Alia, Scarlett and I are all very excited to try out a new app, Ooka Island! Not only do I hear “Mummy, can I go to the island?” several times a day but I’m sent a weekly report for each child. As a busy mum I love that their screen time is helping them accomplish new reading skills!  Just check out Scarlett’s smile!

Stay tuned to see our progress or better yet join us, click here for more information or here for to get the app!

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