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Team Profile: Gayle Luciani

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Meet Gayle, our Contest Manager.


Describe your career and life in a few words.

Full time bus driver, maid, tutor, short order cook, nurse... All of this and I manage to run a laundry mat as well!


Website/Twitter name/Facebook 



Finish this sentence: Its 5 o'clock and I am ...  

...enjoying a glass of wine....or at soccer/t-ball


What's the parent-motto you live by?

What doesn't kill them makes them stronger.


Who's your favourite model parent? Why?

Victoria posh and cool yer not scared to get down and dirty with her kids, and they go everywhere with them it seems girlfriend was in FAOSwartz with her in NYC and she was just like any other mom in the store and she didnt even have nails done!!!


Name your favourite kid-welcoming hangout? 



Think back to your baby and diaper bag days, what was the one piece of gear that was always good to go?

Wipes wipes and more wipes...every corner everywhere


If CSI poured over your diaper bag what profile would they build? 

Hmmmm that bag would come everywhere and be places everywhere...I'd actually really love to see them scour over the bag I'm sure the profile would be pages long.


What is your biggest on-the-go pet peeve?

People that frown on public breast feeding or moms that run and hide....unless of course your kid isn't a focused feeder.


Whats your number one piece of advice for new parents?

Dont feel you're any different than any other mom....we all are sleep deprived, sex deprived, nutritionally deprived, time deprived....and no that won't change anytime soon.


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