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Team Profile: Maureen Dennis

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Meet Maureen, our founder. 

Describe your career and life in a few words.

I'm a busy Toronto mom on-the-go with three kids, ages 7, 5, and 2 with a fourth arriving this fall. After Maureen’s first baby arrived she was destined to start, giving new parents the tools to 'have a baby and a life'. After all, she loves to get out and try new things and travel just about anywhere with her groovy kids and fun loving hubby of 12 years.

Originally from Vancouver, but raised in both Calgary and Oakville, Maureen has experienced all that Canada has to offer families and loves to share her insights and experiences with the parenting community!

Over the last seven years Maureen has worked hard to make Wee Welcome the national mom-powered organization it is today. She is especially proud of the incredible WeeWelcome team of Canadian moms on-the- go and the community of over 40,000 members they have built together.

Maureen has become an important mom influencer, not only through but also through social and broadcast media. Maureen is active on Twitter (@weewelcome), Facebook and YouTube and has appeared frequently on top Canadian TV shows such as CBC’s National News, CTV News Channel, Canada A.M., CHCH Morning, CityLine, Global National News, Breakfast Television, A Channel Ottawa, and Rogers Daytime.

She recently was asked to be the exclusive Parenting Expert for the Marilyn Denis Show.

Maureen has also worked with and/or acted as a corporate spokesperson for a number of high profile brands, including Tide, Cuisinart, McDonald's, Pampers, Playtex, General Motors Canada, Maple Leaf Foods, Babies R Us, Huggies, Prince Lionheart, Baby Bjorn and more.

Website/Twitter Name/Facebook


Finish this sentence: Its 5 o'clock and I am ...

Working as fast as I can in the last hour before our nanny leaves, while trying to get something together for dinner and before driving one of my kids to an activity.

What's the parent-motto you live by?

Don't do anything once that you don't want to do a million times!

Who's your favourite model parent? Why?

My parents - They gave my sister and I a great balance of fun and discipline with a good dose of confidence. I hope I'm on the same track!

Name your favourite kid-welcoming hangout?

I love trying new places, and traveling with my kids. We love to find new fun places to explore in our backyard and around the world. This year alone we did everything from starting a raised garden in our backyard to exploring the new Disney Dream Cruise Ship, traveling to Mexico, England and Italy, even road tripping up the East coast of the US from Orlando to Toronto. Planes, trains and automobiles we do it all...having babies and a life!

Think back to your baby and diaper bag days, what was the one piece of gear that was always good to go?

WIPES! I won't even admit to all the things I've used wipes for, but let's just say they've come in handy with every member of our family and even strangers. From wiping my kids head to toe, to using them to shine my shoes before a meeting they are a must!

If CSI poured over your diaper bag what profile would they build?

That I'm KISS mom. Keep It Simple Stupid, I don't like a huge diaper bag and find I really only need the basics. I keep it simple just grabbing a couple of diapers, a package of my much loved wipes, probably a snack or two if I'm super organized that day! Oh and of course my iphone and camera!

What is your biggest on-the-go pet peeve?

I can't stand rude people. How hard is it to hold a door? Or help a mom with stroller? Or not stare at a nursing mom? Seriously!

What's your number one piece of advice for new parents?

Build yourself a community. It really does take a village, even small village is an essential parenting tool to success and having a baby and a life! Connect with moms in real life, join a class and make a point of chatting with at least one other mom. Join conversations online and comment on other parent's situations. Through the good, the bad and the ugly these will become some of the most important people in your life.

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