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Team Profile: Melanie Jones

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Meet Melanie, our Community and Events Manager.



Describe your career and life in a few words.

Teacher of Special Ed Students Parent of 2 awesome but busy kids = a very crazy life


Website/Twitter name/Facebook



Finish this sentence: Its 5 o'clock and I am ...

...thinking I have no idea what is for dinner.


What's the parent-motto you live by?

Go with it and expect the unexpected.


Who's your favourite model parent? Why?

My mom because she is patient and continues to be a big part of my and my kids life. Must have done something right.


Name your favourite kid-welcoming hangout?

Ikea – I know crazy but the kids love it. They love to hang out in the kids zone and the ice cream. I have to admit I love the ice cream also.


Think back to your baby and diaper bag days, what was the one piece of gear that was always good to go?

Still can not live without wipes and we are past our diaper bag days. Also not sure how anyone can be a parent on the go without a sling, I loved my sling.


If CSI poured over your diaper bag what profile would they build?

Ready for just about anything, I like to refer to it as packed and ready for action.


What is your biggest on-the-go pet peeve?

I have to admit I have a few pet peeves when it comes to being a parent on the go. The main one would have to be those people that want to rush you when you are putting the kids in the car. Really you honking is not going to make me get things done any faster. Another would have to people that feel the need to touch my kids. If I do not know you then you do not need to be touching my kids.


Whats your number one piece of advice for new parents?

My number one piece of advice for new parents would have to be trust yourself. You know more then you think but at the same time don’t be afraid to ask questions.


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