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Test post a.k.a. the huh? moment.

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This is the umteenth time I've tried to put down words to, uh, not-paper, and to just put thoughts out somewhere.

I've had a livejournal account, a few blog accounts, but I so very easily got bored after a post or so.

I am totally not born to write.

I just have no idea what to write, yet I'm strangely compelled to try. Why!? I don't know why! It's an affliction I tell you!

So why now? Why this? Well, life happened (oh boy it did), and all of a sudden I'm married and the next thing you know, I'm a dad! Yay!

Ok, the wife probably doesn't think of it that way, what with labour and everything (9 months pregnancy, morning sickness, mood swings, etc.) but when we became parents--I can't even describe the joy!!! :)

Wait--hold that thought. Our son is about *checking calendar* 16 months old now, and I wanted to try to document it as much as I can. You know the drill: lots and lots and lots of pictures, videos, scrap--uh, attempted scrap book(s), and so on and so forth...

I really wanted to capture the moment if you will, and just hold as much to memory as I can. Of course, I should have started a year and a half ago, but again, life happens.

Wow, as long as I'm on a roll, where do I even start? Birth? Pregnancy? Pre-preg--uh, hmm, how about when I found out? I'm not sure who's even going to read this, but I may as well keep it on the clean-ish side :)

Let's see now, Elgie, aka the wife, wanted to go to the late night pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy tester-thingie-magig aka a pee-stick ;p

Now, I'm not complete tool, but I think I was in some sort of space-time-continuum denial phase, because right next to the pharmacy was a giant big-box-store-golf-centre! I mean we are talking MASSIVE golf store with state-of-the-art video swing--err, *cough*, *ahem*, I digress...

What happened is that on the way back to the car, we SOMEhow ended up in the aforementioned golf store, and I, yep silly old me, started looking at clubs. Yep. Total douchebagery <-- is this even a word?

Anyhow, we got home, wife peed on stick--and noooo, I did NOT watch, I may be a tool-bag-dork, but I STILL respect her privacy, plus I didn't wanted to get stabbed in the neck, as she was already fuming for having to spend a half hour looking at golf clubs. Heh, seems funny looking back now, but was not funny back then :)

Long story short, test came up positive and we both laughed and cried and, well I think she laughed and cried, while think I stood around in a zombie-like daze.

Fun times!!!

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