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Thanksgiving Weekend

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Day 2 of a long weekend for oldest has Thurs, Frid and Monday off...Proffesional development days and of course Thanksgiving. We really don't have much planned..maybe a few walks up through the leaves in Odell park and most of all trying to deflea our apartment!!! We've seriously tried everything i can think of including vinager and water spray, vacuming, combing, flea collars....and while they seem to go away for a few hours at a time they still aren't gone!!!!! The flea collars made the cats break out around their necks so they had to get tossed...with 3 cats in this apartment it seems near impossible to keep the bedroom carpets COMPLETLY kitty hair my plea to all my online friends here at Weewelcome....any suggestions?? Keeping in mind i am on a low income and have 3 kids lol soooo the cheaper the better!!

I went up to our local foodbank to register yesterday ... and got a bit of a boost towards groceries for the next little bit...i feel kind of guily going but i guess it's there for those who need the help right? I also asked about signing the kids up for their Christmas help .... Each child is allowed to have 3 gifts ($100) in total as far as I can tell...and they also deliver a Christmas dinner hamper with the things to create your Christmas dinner sooo as much as I hate admitting to it i think i am going to sign up just so I have the peace of mind that the kids will get something this Christmas.

As for the activities for the rest of today...its only 11am and my room is cleaned and vacumed , laundry is down in the laundry room working on getting finished and well who knows what else we will decide to do!!

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