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Today I squeezed the middle of the tube....

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This morning I caught myself squeezing the toothpaste from the middle of the tube - GASP!
This really doesn't mean much to the average person that doesn't know me, but to me, it's monumental. See, I've ALWAYS been a bottom squeezer. I have to maximize my use with the least amount of effort, so squeeze from the bottom and save time later. But today, I caught myself squeezing from the middle. Maybe I was tired, maybe I slipped up, or maybe I'm just starting to not care anymore! Maybe it's because I'm succumbing to the pressures of the middle squeezer I share the bathroom with, maybe I'm starting to compromise. Either way, after I finished loading up my toothbrush, I set it back down, brushed my teeth, and then proceeded to fix the tube so that it was all nicely squeezed back to the top for next time!

I mentioned this to my husband and he laughed. "You squeezed the middle, and I'm eating smooth peanut butter. Welcome to Married Life"

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