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TomTom Nav App

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I live in one of the most congested cities in North America (Vancouver) and it is hardly a trip out of the house without traffic. We also live in between two bridges so you can imagine how it is sometimes difficult to get the children around to their various activities. TomTom challenged me to try out the TomTom Nav app  - a GPS application for my smart phone - and I have to say it is pretty cool. I installed it on my iPhone and have taken it out on two big journey so far: to the downtown core for an appointment and to the ferry terminal for our trip out of town. So here's how it stacks up to some of the other apps I've tried.

- Easy to use. In fact I'd say it is easier to use than some other apps and navigation devices I have used. It has a really nice menu and I had no trouble figuring out how to type in my destination (ok I admit, I have had trouble with this with other apps!). There is also an easy to read map that shows up and it tells you how long it will take to arrive at your destination.

- Lots of options. When I entered my destination it immediately told me there were car pool lanes and it asked me if I wanted to change my route at all. There are options on the front menu where you can change all or part of your route to avoid certain things like road blocks. This is a neat feature, especially in places where there are toll routes.

- The opportunity to link to TomTom Traffic. TomTom Traffic is a subscription service (the fee is really reasonable) and it offers drivers the most accurate, comprehensive and frequent traffic information available, delivering updates every two minutes. It makes sure you get to your destination as fast as possible, by choosing the best routes in current traffic. If you do a lot of driving this is really ideal, especially where I live!


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