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Top 5 Things Wee Are Most Proud Of

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Seven years have just flown by and we are here to celebrate this great birthday with you! Birthdays are great for reflecting - we are - and we are thinking what are wee most proud of?

Top 5 Things WEE are Most Proud Of:

1.  Living the mantra: It REALLY is about having a baby and a life - we know parenthood changes you but you should still be you and out there enjoying life. We are proud of how we aim to be what we say - all of us who work on Wee Welcome and all members of this community - are out there on-the-go with baby in tow!

2. Helping connect parents:WEE are proud of those special and enduring relationships that have been built through the site. Our groups feature, and even just comments and blogs, help connect new parents to each other. 

3. Wee is Mom-Powered: Each member of our team is a busy and hard-working mom. Yes, we endure conference calls with many-a-child screaming in the background but we do that and accomplish that balance with, mostly, grace. Wee are proud of what we can accomplish.

4. Making Mistakes: WEE are proud to say that we are human and we make mistakes. Wee are proud to create a forum where moms and dads and other caregivers can voice their frustrations and concerns. Where we can just let it go and say, I don't know what to do or I did this wrong. Can you help me? We are proud that we can offer help.

5. Profiling AMAZING Parents: Our Parent Profile series and our community blogs feature so many great parents who are just doing a great job whether it be making it through the day, striking a balance with work and family, or bringing the world their special gift. WEE are proud of these parents, our friends, and our own part in celebrating their success.

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