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Twit T'Who

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One of my all time favourite television shows was Monty Python's Flying Circus. I was introduced to the show by my English parents, who also enjoyed The Two Ronnies, The Benny Hill Show, and Some Mothers Do Have 'Em.

One of my favourite skits on the Circus was the "Upperclass Twit Of The Year". A bunch of toffee-nosed, dentally challenged spastic men in ill fitting tweed suits lurching to the finish line.

(In fact, Stephen Fry of "Jeeves & Wodehouse" fame, as well as being a terrific writer, often appeared in his own tweed suits for his role as Jeeves and was one of Twitter's first real celebrity fans. He continues to contribute some of the most interesting Tweets.)

But little did we know that 30 years after the Monty Python sketch aired that Tweeting on Twitter would produce (in my mind), its own "Upperclass Twits"

Or, people who Tweet on Twitter just to show how they are lurching to an imaginary finish line, trying to gather followers and generate sales, ahead of everyone else.

If you're on Twitter, you know what I'm talking about.

Make sure you Tweet about others, for others, and with's not all about you.

Otherwise I'm starting a hashtag for Twit of the Year. Not even Upperclass.

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