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Twitter 101

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Twitter, Tweet, Tweep, #FF, Hoot Suite --- what is this new language?! Like learning coffee lingo (grande mocha non-fat, extra hot anyone?!) learning the language of online social networking can be a challenge. If you would love to chat on Twitter but feel intimidated - here is our 101 guide!

1. Setting up your account: First you have to choose a Twitter name. Try for something short and easy.

2. Following others: When you are set up you can then go through and "Find People." Twitter offers a search option so you can find people with like interests. 

3. Hash Tags: A hash tag (#word) is a way of organizing a conversation between a handful or millions of users. This is a fun and practical way of organizing information in "chapters" so that you can search Twitter for a particular topic. For example, if you tweet about a new recipe you could include the hash tag #recipe to fit your tweet into a search of #recipe. Similarly if you are interested in a subject - such as Postpartum Depression you can search Twitter for #ppd

Twitter also tracks hash tags to indicate to all users what is popular, such as #emmys. This is called trending.

Important hash tags to know: #FF = Follow Friday - tell your followers who to follow by suggesting a twitter name on Friday. For example #FF @weewelcome because we tweet awesome contests.

4. Short forms, Tweeting in 140 characters or less: There are many useful short forms used on Twitter to cut down on the number of characters required. For example, DD means "Dear Daughter" - it is a way of referring to your child without naming her or writing "daughter". Other short forms: DS (son), DH (husband) IRL (In Real Life) 

5. Retweeting: This is a useful tool for re-sending something funny, interesting or smart that someone else said. You can retweet it to your followers - with or without a comment from you. The original author will receive a notice in their account that they were mentioned in a Tweet.

6. Twitter tools: You can Tweet from the Twitter site itself or from a program like TweetDeck or HootSuite. Visit these sites and download the tool.


Once you are set up - follow the Wee Welcome team on Twitter... 





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