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Wee Remembrance Day

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Remembrance day is one of special reflection but not one that everyone finds easy to talk about with young children.  When approached in the right way it can be a meaningful and great conversation to have with kids.  

As my 4 year old has asked in the past few days “why is everyone wearing a flower?”  Great question and one that needs to be answered in a way that she can understand.  I tell her it is a poppy and it is to remember those people that went to war.  Of course the next great question is “what is war?” This is question needs sensitive response.  You do not want the focus to be on death and fighting but rather the positive side of what happened at war.  The Tales of Animals at War is a great story to help little ones understanding of war.  Stories are an excellent way to explain war and Remembrance day to sensitive young minds of pre-school and grade 1 children. 


Crafts are the other way that children can gain a better understanding of the meaning of this special day.  Some fun crafts includes the poppy wreath, poppy door hanger, colouring pages, and heart poppies  Take time to explain in a simplistic way that you know your little one will understand what the poppy is, what it means and why we have to remember the special people that went to war.


It is believed that most children, by the time they begin formal schooling, will have had some exposure to Remembrance Day through television, radio, movies, reading and through family observance of the day.  Make sure your little ones have an age appropriate understanding of this special day. 

It is important that Remembrance Day be given the respect and dignity it deserves and one way that respect will be given is by having our new generation of little ones learning and understanding the true meaning of Remembrance.  There are many websites that have great info.  Here are a few:


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