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Why is Social Media only for the technologically capable?

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Dopey Kid

So, as my username suggests, I was a Dopey Kid. In fact, I got the nickname from my Pop before I was even 2. It seems that in spite of the early indicators I was going to be a smart cookie, I was woefully naive and a bit gullible! So, from a young age, my Pop started calling me Dopey Kid and I've always loved it and it's stuck. I was barely out of high school when I started my very first company and called it: Dopey Kid Originals.

So, fast accomplished, intelligent woman with a burgeoning career and family, is re-launching her business with her 9 year old son.

I know the value that Facebook and Twitter (and whatever internet nightmare applications I haven't discovered but lie in wait for me out there!) have to offer, especially for a small new business like ours. When my son asked "will we be putting Dopey Kid on Facebook or Twitter, mommy?" with his excited, bright brown eyes looking at me like I'm a master of all.....what could I say? Usually, he would be correct! What I don't know, I figure out!

Well, what I say is this: Was it really worth all the headache, frustration, hair-pulling and more that it took to just get the pages/accounts set up? Let alone, trying to link everything all together, put avatars with hard links to my website and back to Twitter and Facebook. Was it worth harassing ALL of my friends and family with "can you check if the link works NOW" emails? And the worst part of all - I was trying to do all of this while Facebook and Twitter were both experiencing technical difficulties! So, in addition to needing a Masters in Social Media to get myself set up, there was no support from the application teams while they tried to resolve the issues they already knew about!

We'll soon find out! We're finally up and running and ready to start taking orders - yahoo! As a way to thank those lovely friends and family who endured this process with me, I set up a discount code that is valid until July 31, 2010. The code offers 15% off the total order over $25. The promo case you're hoping I've put it here


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