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Whenfresh tomatoes ,mellow beer into &

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Whenfresh tomatoes ,mellow beer into &

Whenfresh tomatoes ,mellow beer into &ldquo &rdquo ;shells ;at government departments ,public anger Portugal has been difficult to suppress inner dissatisfaction .Over the course of several days ,tens of thousands of people in the capital of Lisbon downtown demonstrations ,protest the government recently announced the new austerity measures .
Almost at the same t Cheap wedding dressime ,in the neighbouring Spain ,mainly trade unions also combined 100 institutions ,organization public demonstrations ,hold high the banner to protest the government in spain .
Data shows ,since this year ,the euro zone countries because of economic problems have been accumulated for thousands of demonstrators, and even more serious, only Spain, the first 8 months of the year have a size of demonstrations over 1000 plays .
As a result of the European debt crisis deepens ,more and more countries adopt constrictive policy, leading to lower public welfare countries in the euro zone ,rising unemployment ,declining purchasing power .
Answer relatively with this, the A Replica Christian louboutin shoesugust European car Reporter Chen Tingyu the European Central Bank last week in the market eagerly looked forward to be launched under unlimited purchase of eurozone sovereign bonds "direct currency trading" (OMT) plan, seems to honor the bank Delagi previously "at all to defend the euro zone" Homecoming gown under 100 commitments.
But the direct currency trading plan multiple potential risk is worth vigilance, relative to "guarantee the stability of inflation expectations" of the core functions, the ECB has strayed from their mission, but from the lender of last resort more and more close.
First, although direct currency trading plan for members of the set strict conditions, namely must apply to enable the European financial stability tool (EFSF) or European stability mechanism (ESM), and meet the conditions to obtain the European christian louboutin outlet central bank financing; and direct currency trading plans specify, will pass through the two market share.
But these measures in law has been broken through the "European Central Bank not to member governments provide overdraft arrangement, credit facilities, not directly buy government debt" of the "Lisbon treaty" minutes ,prica mobilized offensive ,Elyounoussi broke the door guarded by ,1-0 !Thereafter Kharkov metallurgical wins two ball ,eighty-fi Omega replicarst minutes ,Tyson pass, Maroussi tie the score Ugg, 1-1 Replica watches !In eighty-ninth minutes ,disc rood violated Tyson fouls ,Javier 30 yards from a direct free kick to break ,2-1 !Kharkov metallurgy from come away with 3 points .
Rapid Vienna 0-4 Leverku red bottom high heel shoessen thirty-seventh minute ,Castro starts out the corner kick ,Voss Che Eade header ,1-0 !In fifty-sixth minutes ,Moto Tokul pass ,Castro ) ( expansion of the leading edge ,2-0 !After 3 minutes ,the ball ,a second ,3-0 !Second minutes of added time ,Castro plum to open two degrees ,the final Leverkusen ball away 4 through the Vienna quickly .
Group L Levante 3-0 for fifty-ninth minutes ,the area of Michel foul ,penalty ,leading home 1-0 levante .In Seventy-eighth minutes ,Michel assists for Levante ,expansion of the leading edge ,2-0 !In eighty-eighth minutes ,Reuben - Garcia was shot dangchu ,Rios plum to open two degrees locking victory ,eventually Levante sweep 3-0 twente .
Hill Star Fort 1-2 Hannover twelfth minutes ,Huszti starts out the corner on the right side ,the former United striker Diouf header forces a door open ,Hannover 1-0 away leading .First minutes of added time ,Hill Star Fort for the team draws level the score ,1-1 !But at the last minute ,Ya Konan completed the real winner ,2-1 !Brought to Hannover 3 branc, the European Central Bank's monetary policy has be Uggsen unable to Replica rolexes guarantee Replica watchestheir independence, but was ta Cheap homecoming dressesken of fiscal policy.
Secondly, the European Central Bank said, in order to direct currency trading plan to buy bonds and other bondholders have equal claim status.This means that, if the bond issuer bankruptcy, the European Replica Christian louboutinCentral Bank will bear the direct currency trading plans to purchase mortgage losses.
It is the equivalent of the European Central Bank is directly involved in the heavily indebted country government financing, which in the bank's authorization is explicitly illegal.The European central bank currently holds a total size of national debt eurozone gross domestic product (GDP) 3%, direct currency trading plan risk according to Member States in the European Central Bank's share capital share, all eurozone taxpayers will bear the ultimate responsibility.
In addition, once default, "equal claims" mechanisms will lead to accelerated flight of private capital.In the prior to the implementation of stock market plan (SMP), the European Central Bank to purchase bonds relative to the private sector bonds have preferred creditor status, the European Central Bank does not assume debt recombination losses.
Third, direct currency trading plan theoretically unlimited operation, means that the European Central Cheap Christian louboutinBank open the printing press to meet all the euro area countries potentially huge demand for financing.
In other words, there will be more risky assets by heavily indebted members, financial institutions transferred to the European Central Bank's balance sheet, resulting in governments more dependent on the European Central Bank at the same time, accelerate the private capital market atrophy, while accelerating sovereign debt monetization, European financial market to bury next great hidden danger.
Because it is not a political sovereign entities, direct currency trading is also no governmen Rolex replicats set exit mechanism, once default, the European Central Bank to withdraw money, market interest rates will produce serious distortion.
In addition, Tokura Yo Wedding dressesshi 6, admitted that, due to the direct currency trading plan mainly to purchase for a period of 1 to 3 years of short-term debt, the plan may stimulate member extending short issuing scale of national debt.
In fact, the current market for short-term debt demand has been very strong, even some countries with negative yield bonds may have exceeded expectations.Low bond yields and deposit zero interest rates is twisting the monetary market, direct currency trading plan may be heavily indebted count replica watchesry banking operation caused negative influence.
Finally, the European Central Bank announced plans to direct currency trading plan purchased bonds for sterilization, theoretically, sterilization is used together with the duration of the monetary policy tool recovery was released liquidity, in order to prevent the emergence of inflation.
market is shrinking ,only England ,Spain new car registrations flat with the same period last year ,other countries have a certain decline ,the European automobile market has apparently been hit .
Sales plunged car enterprises busy captive French Automobile Manufacturers Association announced the country new car registrations ,France in August of new car regist Replica rolexrations for 96115, dr Replica Christian louboutinop compared to the same period in 11.
4% ,has 10 consecutive months of decline ;the first 8 months of this year ,the French car accumulative total registers a quantity to be 1290000 ,down 13.4% compared to the same period .The country Peugeot Citroen ( PSA ) and new car sales continue to decline ,and has announced layoffs and factory closures .
From Italy automobile industry association data show that in August this year ,Italy new car sales of only 56447, over the same period last year dropped 20% ;1~8 months of this year ,Italy new car sales of 981030 units, down 19.
86% .The country enterprise group car sales volume is 291448, drops 20.56% compared Replica rolex to the same period ,profit decline .Not only that ,the European car market is fatigued and weak ,finally will be negative effect of conduction to the German car market .
Although the first 6 months of this year ,the German auto market is relatively stable, but the past two months ,the market is also facing a crisis .In August, German new car sales continue to dive, to 226500 vehicles ,compared with the same period last year dropped by nearly 5% .
The German car manufacturers association announced in 2012 ,8 months before ,the German new car sales fell by 0.6% over the same period last year .According to the German Frankfurt report report ,the poor performance of the cars will be cut 30% ,cut about 1000 jobs .
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