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Yard Sale for the Cure

As the grass begins to turn green and warmer weather beckons on the horizon, many of us begin to head outdoors for some gardening, a game of street hockey with the kids or evening visiting a yard sale or two.

Many of us enjoy browsing a yard sale or two, and know from experience what works; and what doesn’t. So, to empower the less experienced shopper, we have sourced tips and tricks from professional yard salers. This year, you will shop with the utmost confidence, finding your fabulous treasures we know are out there. Whether you’re a pro deal-hunter or virgin yardsaler, these tips will help ensure your experience is a success.


When to shop?

The earlier you arrive, the greater the selection, but the later you go, the better the deal. (Think of 12 to 3 p.m. as peak-time for bargains!)

Furniture sells first—so go early if that’s what you’re after.

Remember, if you like something, buy it! It might not be there if you think about it and come back later.


What to bring?

Cash Only! Yard sales only accept cash. Bring plenty of small bills so making change is easy.

Plan your budget before you hit the sales, or establish price limits for certain items so you don't overspend.

Think about how you’ll get purchases home. If you don’t have a large vehicle, you can order a taxi minivan for $10 extra (on top of the fare price) and your item will be delivered to your front door.


How to bargain?

Remember, good manners make for good negotiating. When you walk up to a table, say hello and be friendly. Never ask, "What's your best price?" Instead, ask, "Would you consider less?”

To get the best bang for your buck, try asking for a set price for a group of items. For example: “How much for the three mirrors in the corner?” Sellers usually drop the price when you’re buying more than one item.


What to look for?

If your goal is to shop for home décor, go with an open mind. Most pieces need a little TLC to make them perfect.

Ignore the colour of wood or the pattern of fabric and look for furniture with interesting bones (the shape of a chair or the quality of wood of a dresser). If you see something you love, you can bring it to an upholsterer or restorer and create a custom piece.

Hot Finds: Vintage linens and furs, old lamps and dressers, antique chairs and frames.

Best Deals: Children’s items, clothing, and toys; mismatched dishware and cutlery.

What to Avoid: Stay clear of car seats (changing regulations can mean you are buying something unsafe), tires (worn threads, recalls and tire-rot are a few pesky problems) and mattresses (you don’t want to bring bed bugs into the house).

Now that you’re prepped for a season of successful Yard Sale shopping, visit to find a Yard Sale for the Cure event in your community! Yard Sale for the Cure is happening on May 24th, 2014




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