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Playtex BPA-Free Drop-Ins System

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The BPA-free Drop-Ins System is the only bottle that has been clinically shown to reduce gas, colic, and spitting up.  It is also clinically shown to mimic breastfeeding.

Research has shown us that most moms want their bottle systems to do four things:

  1. Reduce gas and colic for baby
  2. Act like the breast so baby can go seamlessly from breast to bottle with no confusion
  3. Pre-sterilized liners for a clean bottle every time
  4. Be easy to clean so she can spend more time with baby

The Playtex Drop-Ins System has all four. This system has been clinically shown to help reduce gas, colic and spitting up.

In a study at Boston Children's Hospital, the Drop-Ins System has been clinically shown to mimic the natural rhythm of breastfeeding so baby gets a comfortable feed every time. The NaturaLatch slow flow nipple provides the right flow rate, similar to the breast. And, the Drop-Ins Liners contract like the breast, preventing air from entering the system, so you can see that baby gets just milk no air.

The pre-sterilized disposable liners are bisphenol-A free, and provide a clean bottle every time with no need to sterilize bottle. And, when feeding is through, just dispose of the liner for an easy clean up. The Drop-Ins System is great for baby and easy for you.



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