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Spa Baby Tubs

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New mom, Brandy Cameron dreamed of a relaxing baby bath.  Parenting experts recommend establishing a soothing bedtime routine early, to set up good sleep habits.  The problem was bathtime wasn't relaxing for her baby.  He was cold and miserable and they both dreaded it.  Then she discovered that not everyone bathes their babies in more common lie back style tubs.  The Europeans use upright style baths with a much more soothing effect.

Spa Baby is an upright European style baby bath designed for Canadian parents.  Babies bathe in a natural upright position and stay warm during the bath, with water up to chest level.  It is much like the way babies spend their first nine months and they find a Spa Baby bath soothing and secure.  It is a perfect complement to a comforting bedtime routine.

Spa Baby is stylish, has easy to use instructions, and fabulous flow back handles to make hair washing easy.  It can be used from your baby's first bath until about 10 months of age, when they are ready for a big tub.  So, now you can relax during bathtime with the tub babies love.        


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