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WeeRead: Book Review of Triangles by Ellen Hopkins

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I was intrigued by the book Triangles by Ellen Hopkins when I first looked at it and read the back cover.

The synopsis sounded interesting - tracing the stories of three women as they meet the challenges of a midlife crisis. Each woman has her own set of challenges and a different way of meeting those challenges and their lives intersect not only as friends but as the threads of their cicumstances come together. It sounded very dramatic: love, betrayl, extra-marital affairs ...

It might have been. But the story was hard to follow and to become engaged with. The book is written in a poetry style with incomplete sentences and partial thoughts scripted spatially like a poem. I found this style difficult - it made it hard to get into the storyline and really become engaged with the characters. The book moves back and forth from the inner thoughts of each character, emphasis on thoughts as the "action" is somewhat lacking in this book. The intent  - of the poetry style and jumping - might have been to make the reader feel closer to the characters, as though in their head, but for me it had the opposite effect: the style became too great a barrier, was too distracting.

The storylines were interesting but not powerful enough to hold my attention. In the end, this was a hard slug and the ending not worth the effort. I wasn't engaged with the characters, in fact I started to think some of their actions too trite. Overall this is not a book I really enjoyed.



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