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Holt Renfrew

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Are you living the misconception that a lunch and shopping date with your best friend will never be the same now that you both have babies? Well, have I got news for you! Besides its racks and racks of killer fashions, and must-sample café menu, Holt Renfrew has a Mother’s Room for breastfeeding moms! As if I’m not sleep-deprived enough, the night I found out I lay awake just waiting for morning to arrive so I could see if with my own eyes.

As most Holt Renfrew customers know, their customer service is close to unbeatable. Everyone says ‘hello’ in that inviting way that makes you want to stay and look around permanently. In early December I arrive pushing my big Hummer-like jogger and try to get up the escalator. It won’t fit. Immediately the ‘no access’ alarms go off in my head. But, I take a deep yogic breath and think, ‘no, this is Holt Renfrew, and they MUST have an elevator.’ I approach a very handsome, very well-dressed man and ask for directions to the elevator. Lucky me(!) he accompanies me right to the elevator, performs every possible graceful gesture, then rides with me all the way to the third floor. Once the doors open he again is most gracious, steps out after me and walks me straight to the Ladies Restroom which houses the Mother’s Room.

I have never needed to pee at Holt’s, so just visiting The Ladies Restroom is about to be a new adventure. I open the heavy frosted door, and walk into a bright Oriental sauna-like bathroom. To the left there’s an enormous mirror - the kind you think ‘if only we had one of these at home’, followed by more mirrors over fancy sinks. To the right, metal-door stalls, and another frosted door with the words ‘Mother’s Room’ etched oh-so-delicately. My heart pounds with excitement!

I whisk open the door, and there it was: a cozy little den with a plush Granny Apple green armchair, a sparkling clean sink, a change table, and a wooden fish mobile. The room is clean and unscented. I’m so delighted I want to click my heels like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. In terms of "appropriate place to nurse a child" it passes with flying colours. So I take my son out from the stroller, remove his winter clothes, and then show him around the room. Immediately he’s drawn to the rainbow-coloured fish mobile. ‘What a nice touch’ I think picture: happy mom grinning from ear to ear. Then we sit down in the ‘I could use a couple of these at our place’ chair, and the champ has a pre-shopping snack.

Yes, this room is inside the bathroom, but you forget about this logistic immediately. Once you’re in the Mother’s Room you feel like you’ve shut out the world, it’s peaceful. Zen-like. Feeding, cleaning and caring for your child in such a swanky venue is a treat. It shouldn’t be a treat, it should be the norm. So Holt Renfrew, on behalf of the city’s breastfeeding fashion-hunting moms I applaud you! I’ll be back, soon!


  • Diaper Disposal
  • Stroller Parking
  • Nursing Chair
  • Change Area
  • Breast Feeding Friendly

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