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Magnetic Hill

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The tourism brochures explain the phenomenon best when they say, “Take your foot off the brake and be amazed as your vehicle rolls uphill!” This is a must-see family attraction. Magnetic Hill is an optical illusion created by local topography.

It’s Canada's third most visited natural attraction. Magnetic Hill began when local folklore in the early 1800's told stories of farmers’ wagons running up on the heels of horses, and bales of hay were said to mysteriously roll uphill.

These stories moved from folklore to hard news in 1933, when three newspaper reporters spent an embarrassing morning stopping at the foot of every hill waiting for the magical magnetic forces to take over. Eight frustrating hours later, when the reporters were ready to give up, the phenomenon of Magnetic Hill was recorded as the reporters watched their 1931 Ford Roadster roll up the hill without them.

While here, you’ll want to visit the other tourism sites that have been developed. The Magnetic Hill Zoo has many wonderful displays of live animals. There are 40 acres, filled with more than 400 animals of over 90 different species. You’ll see:

Lemurs from Madagascar
Artic wolves
Burmese pythons
Squirrel monkeys

And many, many more animals from every corner of the world

There is a water theme park called Magic Mountain; it means hours of fun and thrill rides that the family will be talking about for days. The Magnetic Hill facility also features a major outdoor concert site.

Pope John Paul II held a papal mass there in 1984. The Rolling Stones held a concert there on the 3rd of September 2005 before 85,000 fans. While major concerts have been held at the facility intermittently over the last 10-12 years, the city now hopes to hold one or two major concerts at the facility every year, especially since the infrastructure at the site was upgraded considerably for the Stones concert.

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