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Mud Oven

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We are a contemporary ceramics studio located at 1065 Bank Street (Near Sunnyside) in Old Ottawa South. You can create personalized pieces of pottery for special occasions, gifts, and decorative pieces. The creative impulse exists in all of us. At The Mud Oven we want to help you satisfy your impulses with brushes, paint and earthenware. Whether you've never picked up a brush before or are an accomplished artist already, a session with us will ease your tensions and feed your soul. We make it easy. How does it work? Choose an item from our vast selection of white earthenware. Use your imagination, inspiration, tips from our friendly, expert staff and any of our accessories to design and paint your piece. Leave your work with us to glaze and fire (on site in our own kiln), and pick it up in five days . We will be happy to do rush orders for an extra cost - $5.00 for a mug or smaller in size and $10.00 for anything larger. The rush item will be ready in three days after painting it. We are celebrating thirteen years in business, and keep expanding our stock and services to satisfy your needs. What's new is our Signature Platters, great for weddings, retirement, birthday, or any special occasion. We also have Signature Mugs, a great gift for valentines's day, birthdays, mother and father's day. To keep informed, specially for our gallery shows, be sure to sign up for our newsletter that we send out once a month. Starting on Valentine's Day, we will be adding ourselves on Facebook as a group. Please join us there for news, updates and pictures. As most of you know by now, we had a fire on Sept. 27th 2008. We closed our store for two months for renovations and re-opened on Dec. 5th 2008. Many pieces did survive the fire and so please come down by the end of February 2009 to claim your piece. All items that did survive the fire will be given away to charity if not picked up by April 15th. We are thankful our customers welcomed us back with open arms. Come down to check out our new interior colours, as they are getting rave reviews. When we re-opened in December, we thought it was a good idea to separate the studio fee from the Bisqueware costs. However, we heard from our customers that they like our old way. We listened, so on February 1st we switched back to be ALL INCLUSIVE STUDIO. Now you pay one price! This price includes: The Bisqueware (ceramic piece) The paint and glazes Expert technical advice and design hints for using sponges, stencils, etc. The glazing, firing and, of course, the FUN! Works In Progress (WIP) We will hold WIP for 14 Days with no additional charge if you complete it within that time frame. After 14 days a new studio fee of $6.00 is due. We will not be responsible for works in progress kept at the Mud Oven after 45 days Because we charge a flat fee, you don't have to keep an eye on the clock. Let inspiration take as long as it needs. All items are dishwasher safe, food safe, and can be microwaved. Because you need to feed your body as well as your spirit, we have a selection of treats: coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks and cookies for your enjoyment. Walk-ins are always welcome, but to avoid disappointment reservations are recommended especially on weekends and for groups of three or more.


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